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Spotlight is an explainer series in partnership with Bloomberg Green, highlighting climate solutions from around the world. The 12-episode explainer series co-presented by Alice Aedy and Jack Harries dives into climate solutions, with a focus on the Global South. Spotlight is an Earthrise Originals production commissioned by Bloomberg and was a segment on their climate show Getting Warmer with Kal Penn.

The conversation around climate used to be about sounding the alarm. But now, there’s a growing appetite for stories that move away from climate doomism and towards solutions that can shape the future we want.

A global problem requires global solutions – so naturally, we put together a global team. We collaborated with a team flung across continents, dialing in from the United Kingdom, Portugal, New York, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, to Singapore.

We looked for solutions that go beyond the shiny, flashy tech that serve as bandaids, but rather address the problem at its roots. Each 6-minute episode dives deeper into a particular topic. From regenerative agriculture to just transitions, cold chains, rights of nature, and more, we explore questions and solutions that call for systems changes and for an equitable future.

We wanted our audience to walk away knowing: there isn’t just one right way to move forward. There are many solutions, many paths, and many more on its way.

Watch the episodes here.

Art Direction
Graphic Design

Bloomberg Originals


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Earthrise Team
Joi Lee, Series Production & Direction
Alice Aedy & Jack Harries, Presenting & Production
Dennis Gnoni Visconti, Advanced Editing
Vera Romanova, Assembly Editing
Isabella Rider, Videography
Kathy Ahfid, Writing
Mariana Surillo and Samantha Lee, Story Production & Archive Research
Chloe Puttock, Line Production
Beatriz Patarata, Art Direction & Graphic Design 
Patrice Gerber, Motion Design
Dennis Gnoni Visconti, Sound Design
Luca Piercey, Lighting

Bloomberg Team
John Fraher, Aaron Rutkoff, Amanda Kolson Hurley, Executive Production
Sophia Chalmer, Series Production
Madison Paglia, Bloomberg Green Editorial Lead

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