Redefining college and recruitment experience for the creatives for the 2020s

Ringling College

Brand Identity and Recruitment Suite


Ringling College of Art and Design stands as a prominent educational institution in the southern United States, committed to delivering exceptional education to creative minds and visionaries of our time. This brand identity project rejuvenates the brand language of the College, aligning it with its status of an industry trailblazer. Deployed seamlessly across the college, from website to printed materials and social media, it sets a dynamic tone for inspiring the next generation of creative minds.
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Web Design

Ringling College of Art and Design


A website serves as the virtual face of any college, acting as a mirror and the initial point of interaction with potential students and patrons. Recognizing its pivotal role, a redesign was imperative to transform it into an inviting entrance portal and a central hub that would visually captivate the audience. Beyond being an informative platform, the redesigned website aimed to create a compelling and immersive experience.

By prioritizing visual impact, the redesigned website sought to not only convey essential information but also engage visitors in a way that resonates with the ethos and aspirations of the college. This strategic overhaul aimed to ensure that the online presence of the college mirrored the institution's commitment to excellence and innovation.

Social Media

Elevating College’s social media presence involved a holistic approach, encompassing a refined content strategy, consistency, and impactful design enhancements. These effort were aimed to create content that resonates with diverse audience, offering a blend of informative, engaging, and appealing posts highlighting College’s offerings, student work, and alum success stories.

Recruitment Campaign

Recognizing the pivotal role admissions play in sustaining the vitality of the College, a transformative initiative was undertaken to align the admission materials with the fresh visual and verbal language of the institution. Under the new tagline "Uncover Ringling College," two meticulously crafted books were designed. 

Beyond being gateways to academic information, these books offer prospective students a profound sense of place and an introduction to the dynamic Ringling community. Crucially, they showcase the impressive work of current students, emphasizing the tangible outcomes of a Ringling education, and spotlighting alum success.


To unveil the rejuvenated identity of Ringling College and foster a more personal connection with the staff, students, and community members, a dynamic exhibition was curated. Displayed in one of the College's galleries, exhibition titled “Turning Passion into Profession,” provided an detailed journey into the behind-the-scenes efforts that culminated in the fresh and vibrant look. The exhibition juxtaposed the research work – from conceptualization to design iterations – with the striking final results, offering a comprehensive view of the creative process. 

By bringing the transformation to life in a tangible and immersive way, the exhibition not only celebrated College’s new visual identity but also engaged the college community in a shared narrative. This inclusive approach not only strengthened the sense of belonging but also underscored the collaborative spirit that defines Ringling College and all our efforts. 

Beatriz Patarata and Petar Pirizovic, Creative Direction
Holly Antoszewski and Jennifer Mumford, Executive Creative Directors
Beatriz Patarata, Webdesign
Petar Pirizovic, Book Design
Martin Pohlmann, Logo System Design
Sophie Schoenbach, Research, Brand Strategy and Project Management
Allyssa Ellis, Toolkit Design
Caio Arias, Social Media Design
Nicole Constance, Motion Design
Karen Arango, Photography

©Beatriz Patarata