Celebrating the feminist front line of climate resistance


Short Film


RE/SISTERS: A Lens on Gender and Ecology was a major group Barbican exhibition that explored the relationship between gender and ecology, and highlighted the systemic links between the oppression of women and the degradation of the planet.

Featuring around 50 international women and gender non-conforming artists, RE/SISTERS featured work from emerging and established artists across photography and film.

Reflecting on a range of themes, from extractive industries to the politics of care, RE/SISTERS viewed environmental and gender justice as indivisible parts of a global struggle. It addressed existing power structures that threaten our increasingly precarious ecosystem.

The team at Earthrise and I collaborated with the Barbican to pay homage to the feminist front line of climate resistance through a video journey of some of the artworks that made up the exhibition. A visual poem aiming to celebrate the works and the women behind them and push us in the direction of a collective liberation from all forms of oppression.
Creative Direction



Paolina Stefani, Direction, Writing + Editing
Francesca Rechere, Writing + Production
Beatriz Patarata, Creative Direction
Max Balin, Sound Design + Score
Isabella Noero, Exec Production
Alice Aedy, Exec Production
Isobel Parrish, Exec Production
Alona Pardo, Exhibition Curation

Andrea Laviniaz, Angela Camacho, Carolina Marti Torrent, Cecilia Alfonso-Eaton, Diana Liedloff, Eliza Lawrence, Fernanda Ferreira Freeman, Francesca Rechere, Georgia Alexiou, Hazel Hedges, Helena Collado, Isabella Noero, Izzy Sasada, Juanita Camacho, Juliana Castro, Julie Loyson, Maria Emilia Custodio, Ornella Mutoni, Paolina Stefani, Patricia Vasto, Sara Casadevall i Bellés, Sofia Gramajo, Vee Pandey, Vera Romanova

©Beatriz Patarata